7 Simple Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

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There are so many ways to re-energise your living space this Spring. Many of us get a bit of cabin fever after a long Winter, but Spring is a great time to open up the house and breathe new life into your place. All around us, nature is awakening after months of hibernation, so why not revive your house, too?

Here are seven simple steps to bring Spring into your home:

1. A new paint colour can change the whole look of the room. colours have a psychological effect on us, and each colour has its own meaning and energy. Be brave and have fun. If you’re unsure whether to paint the whole room with a one colour, paint an accent wall and live with it for a while. See if you like it, you can then always finish the rest of the room later on.

2. Bring the colour of the outdoors in. Flowers and plants add to a home’s energy, and are a great way to add some additional colour and texture to a space.

Using different colours to enhance your flooring

Above image features Karndean LooseLay Hudson

3. Add lighting to enhance your look. You can easily create a warm, inviting atmosphere by adding a new lamp or switching to natural daylight light bulbs.

Flooring Tips Brighten up your home

Above image features Karndean LooseLay Country Oak


4. Move and rearrange your furniture. Is your furniture there simply because it has ‘always been there’? Consider a different furniture arrangement and change the flow of the room. Maybe you can trade a chair or a table from another room to help with the layout. If you’d rather not purchase new furniture, try painting or reupholstering – repurposing your furniture can give an old piece a new lease of life.

5. Reorganise your accessories. Maybe you have a collection of accessories you could change out and rearrange so different ones get priority. I enjoy playing with accessories and seeing the unusual visuals I can achieve, and it’s a great way to get a new look.

commercial flooring basingstoke

Above image features our Knight Tile Limed Oak

6. New window treatments. New drapery is yet another way to dramatically change the look of a room. They’re like frosting on a cake; they frame the windows and can be formal or casual. There are a lot of places you can get ready made draperies from such as Bed Bath and Beyond to Restoration Hardware, or you can go custom if you want a wider selection.

Reorganise your home change flooring basingstoke

7. Organise! Reducing clutter is a great way to freshen up your space and reduce stress. Take advantage of closets, cubby holes and alcoves by installing organisation systems to free-up space.

Dining room flooring basingstoke

Melbourne Dining Room Flooring

Freshening up the look of your home doesn’t have to mean a complete remodel. These simple changes can create an entirely different look and reenergise your space.

This article originally appears on the Karndean blog featuring their resident home stylers Lisbeth and Jenne..Final piece of advice from Jenne…

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