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Carpet Company Basingstoke – Abingdon Carpets

We are a retailer for many brands of carpet companies at our carpet showroom here in Basingstoke

In this article, we feature one of the UK’s most popular Abingdon.  Abingson Flooring Basingstoke

Despite a decade of continuous growth and investment, Abingdon Carpets, the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality carpets, is not prepared to let the dust settle on its achievements.

The company employs a 500-strong, British-based workforce, at manufacturing facilities located in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North of England. Overall, our current output of carpet per annum, measured in square metres, exceeds nine .

Determined to produce a superior product to compete with foreign imports, Abingdon Carpets quickly established a reputation for quality, innovation and dedicated customer service. Thus, all of their carpets are absolutely guaranteed to be made from only the finest-grade raw materials and they have continuously supported product integrity with a rolling investment programme of more than £2 million per annum. This has resulted in bold trend-setting initiatives such as wear warranties and stain guarantees, popular with our customers and retailers alike, which have set new industry standards for other manufacturers to follow.

In yet another important strategic investment, Abingdon Carpets now has an in-house polypropylene extrusion plant and is thus able to produce its own yarn. This integrated production system frees the company from the need to secure yarn in fixed quantities. Consequently, a much broader range of yarn colours is available to their customers and their production can be finely controlled, giving them the capacity to rapidly respond to new market trends and requests for custom blending of yarn and colours.

Their sales figures for the last 12 months show that over 500,000 customers have chosen to purchase products from the Abingdon Carpets portfolio. This features strong consumer brands such as Kosset, Stainfree, Wilton Royal and Weavercraft, offering you a comprehensive choice of style, colour, durability and price, underpinned by their unique, Abingdon Carpets guarantees. Sound advice and in-depth product information is readily available to all the Carpet Trade Centre customers as we are a premium retailer.

Abingdon Carpets, are committed to improving all areas of their business. Hence, they are receptive to the advantages and benefits of cutting-edge technologies. Amongst many examples, their logistics software tracks retailer orders; their recycling commitment has virtually eliminated landfill costs; and their imminent adoption of renewable-source electricity will significantly reduce their energy costs. As market leaders, they continue to invest in the future to bring customers the best that Britain can offer.

As the number one carpet retailer in Basingstoke, we highly recommend Abingdon Carpets.

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