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Choosing flooring for your bathroom can be a little tricky, partly because of the confined space allocated to our most private of rooms.

But two of the Interior Stylists for Karndean Designflooring – Lisbeth and Jenne, have come up with some unique ideas, more of which you can find on their blog here.

But here is the article on Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is often seen as a private sanctuary. It’s your place to refresh and relax. It can be the room that invigorates you at the start of your day, or it can be the place you leave your stresses at the end of the day with a hot bubble bath.

Many homes have small bathrooms due to age or size, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your bathroom look and feel more spacious – the key is determining what you want in your bathroom and whether it fits the space. Next comes the issue of price and fuss – do you really want to rip out a closet or extend your home to fulfill your dream for the room?

Here are my top tips and tricks for enhancing a small bathroom on a budget:

Breaking down barriers:
Barrier-free showers are becoming increasingly popular in both small and large spaces. Whether you are designing a small ensuite or working with a full bath, there are some great advantages to barrier-free and walk-in shower designs . It creates an open feel and makes a small bathroom appear much larger. Also, getting rid of that big tub can open up a lot of space. As the baby boomer generation ages, this flexible design will be more in demand and is easier and more desirable than a tub.


Above image: Karndean LooseLay Burlington

Embrace innovation:
Modern style is always in and there are some great innovations that can help maximise the space. Several manufacturers have toilets where the tank is actually located inside the wall. These types of systems make the best use of space, consume less water, and provide a clean lined, modern look. You also could save space by installing a sliding door or low profile sinks and vanities.


Above image: Apartment Diet Blog

Creative visuals:
There are tricks with different types of patterns that will make the room appear larger. Larger patterns don’t necessarily make a small room look smaller. In fact, the right large pattern can actually make a space look larger. Having many smaller patterns often makes the room appear crowded and closed in.

With the right design and materials, a small bathroom can be beautiful and spacious. So, do your research and create the whole look before you begin and you will be able to design the bathroom of your dreams. It’s always easier to start with the right idea from the beginning than to have to tear out your masterpiece and start again.

Jenne’s Tip:
Rectilinear or elongated tiles are hot trends in flooring right now, especially when laid in a brick pattern. This trend is fantastic in small bathrooms because it can make your space appear longer, therefore larger. To achieve the effect, make sure the pattern runs lengthwise, following the direction you walk into the room. Karndean offers many designs that are perfect for such a project. The rectangular shapes in our Knight Tile and Opus ranges offer a tremendous variety of visuals and sizes that would be a perfect for fit your small bathroom project.


Above image: Opus Grano

So there you have it, some great ideas from Jenne and Lisbeth.

If you want any further help in designing your bathroom flooring, call into our flooring showroom in Basingstoke.