Buying Wood Flooring In The Basingstoke Area

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Buying wood flooring in Basingstoke

There are three types of wood flooring that you can buy.

Laminated Flooring

The cheapest you can buy, is of course laminated flooring. This is basically a fibreboard plank with a photographic image on top of wood, stone or tile, with a protection overlay.

The great thing about laminated flooring is that its cheap and hardwearing. And with a click lock design, its easy to install. There are also plenty of different designs available.flooring basingstoke

The downside is that, it never really looks or indeed feels like real wood. Plus, over time the joins wear out as does the protective overlay, which effects the photograph image I mentioned earlier.

Plus if laminate flooring is laid badly, it can put off prospective house buyers.

Be careful where you lay it though. Although some manufacturers say it is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, you have to be careful on your choices..

But don’t worry we can advise you.

Engineered Wood Flooring

This kind of flooring, is actually made from wood, in fact several layers of wood that are all glued together to create a plank, that has a real wood veneer on top.

One of the great things about engineered wood, is that it can be sanded down and restored, if it gets scuffed or damaged.

Although more attractive that laminate, it is harder to fit, especially on stairs, around toilet pans and pedestals.

It is more expensive than laminate, but depending on the design and make, prices can range from being as cheap as a better quality laminate, around £10 a sq metre to £70.

Real Wood Flooring

You cannot beat the feeling and look of real wood. Each plank is normally 18-20 mm thick and each board is made from a single plank of wood.

A well fitted wood floor, looks fabulous and really impresses visitors. In fact it can increase the value of the property as well.

The downside is that can become easily dented and does require care..

Solid wood can be sanded back many times to restore the flooring to its original look and in fact real wood flooring can last a lifetime.Karndean Flooring Basingstoke

We highly recommend paying as much as you can afford, in fact we recommend installing Karndean Flooring, because of its hard wearing properties,its easiness when it come to fitting and the price.

We feel that it offers the best value for money,when fitted by one of our professional fitters.

If you need any advice on wood flooring, then call us to day and arrange a meeting, so that we can give you the benefit of 20 years of experience of fitting wood flooring in the Basingstoke area.