Carpet and Flooring Basingstoke

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Carpet and Flooring Basingstoke.

Sometimes its difficult to choose between carpet and wooden flooring you home.

Having fitted many carpets and wooden floors throughout the Basingstoke area, I can tell you there are many reasons why you should talk to one of our local flooring experts at the early stages in considering a new covering.

Often its quite an easy decision, say the bathroom floor, which you wouldn’t normally put wooden flooring down on because of the chances of slipping with wet feet, but there are alternatives.

Many of my customers over the last few years have opted for wooden flooring. This is because of its long life, in fact its not unusual for real wooden flooring to last 30 years or more.

And you can change the colour of the floor as well, by simply sanding down the floor and re-varnishing.

But of course real wooden floors are not cheap, even though they last almost forever.

Where wooden flooring can appear cold and less welcoming in certain areas of the home, especially big rooms with little furniture, carpet does give a rather warm appearance.

But there are so many choices of carpet these days and questions to ask like, whether to choose a woven carpet or a tufted carpet, where should we use natural material, is nylon more long lasting, what about using polyester etc.

But fortunately, having been in the carpet and flooring business for 30 years, we can guide you. We’ve been giving advice to owners of homes large and small and I believe we can help you.

If you want expert flooring advice in Basingstoke, just give us a call and come and see us.

We have a wide range of carpets to choose form, our prices are very competitive and you can always be assured of a first class fitting service too. The whole package.

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