Choosing Flooring For Children’s Rooms

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Children love bright colours, no more so when it comes to their bedrooms. But when it comes to flooring for kid’s rooms, carpet is an option, but if you want something longer lasting – then maybe you should consider Karndean Flooring.

I came across an article on the Karndean blog recently that gave some great ideas on colours to choose for the walls and also different designs of flooring…

Kid-Friendly Design: Playful Meets Practical

It’s well documented that children respond positively to bright, bold palettes – in fact, the bolder the better in some cases. But creating a stimulating environment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. If anything, designing a scheme for your child’s bedroom or playroom gives you free reign to experiment and be as imaginative as possible.

For the most part, kids’ rooms serve a multitude of demands – a place to play, learn and rest. So it’s important that your design incorporates practicality and functionality to save both your time and your sanity! With this in mind, we’re offering up a few hints and tips to help you create a playful yet practical space.

Hide and seek – the key to an adaptable and functional kids space is workable, easy storage. There are so many great ideas to help safely store away the ever-growing dress up collection to the millions of individual building blocks. For easy access to those most beloved cuddly friends, why not create a display using open boxed shelving, (as pictured below). Simple, but sweet.

Kids Flooring Basingstoke

Image above features our Da Vinci Kenyan Tigerwood

Hidden boxes under the bed or seating areas offer up extra storage space, and although wicker baskets or transparent boxes tend to be the most cost effective choice, opt for something that aids organisation whilst providing a sense of style, such as painted wooden boxes or patterned fabric baskets.

this is _lime_washed_oak_from our flooring showroom in basingstoke

This window seat subtly doubles up as a cute storage solution and display unit. Our Knight Tile Lime Washed Oak flooring perfectly hosts the mixture bright colours.

Colours of the rainbow – so, bold palettes resonate well with kids, however, this doesn’t mean you need to incorporate all the colours of the rainbow! A blank canvas offers you the opportunity to create a scheme through soft-furnishings and accessories. White walls and kids may not be the greatest combo, however, a high-gloss paint will withstand even the toughest of Crayola tests – and will also leave you with the ability to mix-up the decor scheme as often as you like. As children mature, so do their tastes, so a blank canvas will easily allow you to update or change the scheme.

Wall murals are also a great way to introduce colour and add interest without being too overbearing. With an abundance of designs to choose from, you may find yourself spoilt choice. For made to measure designs, check out Little Hands Illustrations (as featured below).

These are mural-walls- children's flooring Basingstoke

Dreamy delight – if you’ve been scrolling through the thousands of pins on Pinterest, you’ll know that when it comes to a child’s bed, the motto is most certainly the more innovative and quirky, the better. And we concur. Here are a couple of our favourites designs…

Flooring ideas basingstoke children's rooms
Cool kids beds and flooring in basingstoke

Images sourced from Pinterest

Supporting the fun – kids like to get messy, intentional or otherwise! Therefore, it’s really important that you not only choose a floor which complements the decor scheme, but also one that’s easy to clean and look after. You don’t want to have to spend extra money getting carpets cleaned or spend hours sanding out marks and re-staining hardwood.

Karndean designflooring is the perfect choice for busy family homes, as it can effortlessly withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday home life. Plus, if any accidental mishaps do occur, our Karndean Care Kit will help to rectify and have your floor sparkling clean in no time.

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