Creating That Oak Effect With Oak Flooring

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Oak flooring In Basingstoke

When making home décor choices, one of the most common questions we ask ourselves is whether or not things “go” together.  From flooring and trim to furniture and decorations, there are so many different design elements that go into completing your home’s décor.

Creating a cohesive oak effect look throughout your home can be confusing, which is why it is helpful to know some design secrets that will alleviate some uncertainty.

Oak Flooring for bedrooms Basingstoke

Wellington Oak VGW53T The Bedroom Look

One of the most important décor elements that can tie your entire design together is the use of consistent wood finishes. It is the easiest way to bring immediate warmth to a space, and also plays a big part in building a cohesive look. Like Karndean flooring, oak is synonymous with quality and durability. It is proven to be truly versatile and beautiful, it is no surprise the oak look has stood the test of time and is the most commonly used hardwood today.

Oak flooring for living rooms

Baltic Limed Oak RKP8111 The Living Room Look

The naturally light tone of oak, makes it a great choice for flooring. Since your home’s floor is the constant against which all other wood finishes will be compared, it is imperative you select flooring that meshes well. As flooring is a constant you want to choose a floor that fits your lifestyle and your style and lucky for you Karndean has created the naturally light tone of oak in a more practical material, LVT.

Sourcing wood furniture that matches your floor is not always possible, so the key to incorporating different wood furniture pieces in your décor is separation.

Whether it be through proximity or the use of an area rug, creating separation between different wood elements will help bring variety so they merge together.

Oak flooring In Basingstoke

Winter Oak RL04

Fixed Finishes

Although your home’s flooring is the most profound constant, there are several other fixed finishes that need to be carefully considered. These include cabinetry, trim, doors, and built-ins. Since changing fixed finishes requires a bit more effort, we often will opt to replace one or two elements that need to work with existing elements. Whether you are upgrading your flooring and keeping the existing cabinetry or vice versa, or even renovating everything from top to bottom, there are two key factors to remember, tone and contrast.

  1. Tone: Generally, the rule of thumb is you can use up to two or even three different wood tones together. Today oak is available in a wide range of styles, from dark stained oak with a rustic cottage-getaway feel, to the lighter finishes, that paint a contemporary image. The options are endless, this is why it is important to limit the number of tones used.
  2. Contrast: Aim for a lower level of contrast between the wood tones you choose. With such a large spectrum of tones available, the key is to select tones that are close together. i.e. Dark, richer woods will go better with a medium-tone, and lighter woods will pair perfectly with mid tones.
Karndean Oak Flooring Basingstoke

Spring Oak RL01 The Dining Room Look

If you are searching for the perfect wood inspired flooring for your home, Karndean’s flooring collection has a vast array of oak looks available to suit any project.