Do I really need underlay for my carpet?

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Here at the Carpet Trade Centre Showroom Basingstoke, this is a question I get asked a lot

Installing an underlay could be seen as an unnecessary expense when it comes to having your rooms fitted. But when you consider all the positives of underlay, then you’ll see that it really does pay to consider having it fitted.

In fact its that feeling that underlay gives, that softness under foot that is the most obvious, especially in bare feet.

But in fact having underlay can make a big difference, especially in helping to preserve the age of the actual carpet and giving you that feeling of extra comfort. After all, that is what we are looking for after a hard day on the job, “comfort”

Of course another another benefit of underlay is warmth on those cold winter nights. Just that extra layer really helps to maintain warmth, because it almost acts as a sealant between the carpet and the floorboards, helping to retain heat.

Another good reason is acoustics. Having underlay on downstairs floors, deadens the sound, which is great for the TV and your stereo, helping you get a better overall musical experience. This also means just normal conversations are conducted without echo as the carpet and underlay “soak up” that empty room noise often associated with cheap carpet.

If underlay is fitted in bedrooms on the first floor, the underlay will help prevent noise from leaking between levels, as the underlay will soak up the noise and also help to eradicate the sound of feet movements. If you have teenagers playing video games or loud music, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Carpet underlay isn’t just a luxury, it will help to maintain the beauty of the room for years to come.

We sell a whole range of carpets, some with underlay attached, some with no underlay. We can give you the best advice about what you need simply by calling in for a chat.

So before you make a decision about your floor covering, come and talk to the local experts here at the Carpet Trade Centre