Your Flooring Project – 5 Easy Steps

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Adding new flooring to your home is probably only part of the renovation, remodelling or redecorating..There’s a lot of RE’s in there.

But when you decide to change the flooring in your property, it becomes a much bigger job, which more than likely makes it more of a project.

And this I believe is how you should approach changing your flooring, as part of a whole process.

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With this in mind, Karndean Flooring have got together with two of their home stylists Lisbeth and Jenne to give us some tips.

Here are the 5 Steps

Step 1: Decide what to keep, what to throw, and most importantly, what to buy. It seems the older we get, the more sentimental we are, but this is a perfect time to de-clutter your home. Only keep the items you know you’ll want to use in your redesigned space – anything else can be donated to a local charity shop or even repurposed in another room in your home.

This is also the perfect time to list out exactly what you need to complete your project. Are you keeping all of your current furniture or do you need an upgrade to fit in with your new scheme? Keeping the curtains? Need new light fixtures? Once you have a full list of what you’re keeping and what you’ll need, you can start pulling your ideas together and get to the fun part – shopping!

Step 2: Get your ideas down on paper. For many, the hardest part about designing and coordinating your interiors project is visualising the result. I find creating a moodboard really helps to envision how the final scheme will look and feel.

Simply arrange your chosen flooring samples, fabric swatches, magazine clippings, and sketches in the general order of the room, positioning the floor at the bottom, soft furnishing samples in the middle, lighting options towards the top, etc. It’s also important to include the floor plan and a photo of the room. If you have furniture, art or other large items to consider in the space, then I’d strongly advise including photos of these items on your moodboard.

Step 3: Talk to the experts. Equipped with your moodboard, colour scheme, and with your room measured and mapped out, it’s a great time to seek advice from the experts – the exciting step that brings you closer to making your ideas into a reality.

As Jenne explains, “If you decide on Karndean flooring for your space, your local retailer will happily measure up your floor space for you and advise on products and laying patterns to suit your space and décor style – this way you don’t have to worry about measuring up yourself. You may also get some new ideas you haven’t even thought of yet.”

For other big purchases, such as wallpaper, window treatments and furniture, be sure to shop around before you commit – and be sure to stick to your list and your budget or you may end up with more items in your new space than you had in the first place.

Step 4: Out with the old. With your interior scheme finalised and purchases complete, it’s time to prep your space. Depending on what changes you’re making, you may need to strip old wallpaper, prime the walls for a new shade, take down window treatments or remove old light fixtures. When it comes to the floor, your retailer will let you know exactly what needs to be done to your subfloor to get your space prepped and ready to receive its transformation.

Step 5: In with the new. Whether you’re bringing in professionals or undertaking a bit of DIY, you’ll need to plan out the order of the work – it’s time to put those project management skills to work. Although painting and decorating are jobs many people do themselves, we highly recommend bringing in a professional fitter for your new Karndean floor. With this in mind, be sure to book in the installation towards the end of the project to avoid paint splatter, wallpaper glue, or other miscellaneous debris.

So there you have it 5 very simple tips to help you plan and organise your renovation, remodelling or redecorating…

Best of luck and please give us a call for any advice on the kind flooring requirements you are thinking about.

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