Karndean Flooring Forecast 2016

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For Basingstoke home owners, a new year means new possibilities and when it comes to redesigning your home, you can get some fabulous flooring design ideas from our showroom in Basingstoke.

To give you an idea of what’s new in flooring design for 2016, Karndean Flooring have been blogging about trends…..

The start of the New Year inevitably brings excitement as we look forward to new and emerging interior styles.

2015 was the year of glossy ink blues, modern rustic furniture design and bold geometric throwbacks. A pretty rich and adventurous year for interior design.

So what’s on the horizon for 2016? Here’s our shortlist of what to expect…

Hometainment – the developing conception of how we entertain. Creatures of habit, as we’ve begun spending more time entertaining and being entertained in the comfort of our own homes, interior and furniture design will begin to focus more on combining beauty with practical, multi-functional design. From sideboards that transform into a striking dining table, display units that double up as fluid room partitions to bookshelves with seating space, integrating function will give spaces adaptability to play the natural host.


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Bold florals and tropical foliage – move over geometric. We’re going bigger, brasher and brighter this year when it comes to textile patterns and motifs. With influences from Central and South America, vivid colour combined with floral and nature-inspired themes is at the heart of this playful and attention grabbing trend. Predominately featuring in soft furnishings, it’ll ensure your neutral furnishings don’t miss the vibrant party in 2016.


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Above image: Esty via Pinterest

Lifted minimalism – contemporary and sleek minimal design will soften in 2016 as edges become subtly rounded and curved. Surpassing straight forward lines and monochrome palettes, this simplistic style will be given a new lease of life by incorporating tinted neutrals tones, refreshing aesthetic features and ingenious delicate design details.

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Above image: Dulux via Pinterest

Merging metallics and precious metals – industrial shimmering touches have been hugely popular over the past two years, and 2016 will see this trend evolve with additional intricacies and features. The fusion of varying gold and bronze metals with elaborate elements, such as crystal, incorporated into faceted and wired designs will be prevalent in both furniture and lighting. Meanwhile, metallics make a slight transition to darker, moodier iridescent colours and materials, which will feature on our walls and in our floors – as seen in our contemporary stone look design, Aurego, pictured below.

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Escape with pastels – softening rooms with poetic, cooler pastel tones. Think Nordic scenery: calming blue glazier waters, pretty pink amber skies across the ash grey and espresso brown mountain range. Pastels have emerged and grown from cotton candy towards more muted tones, thanks to the continuing love for matte finishes. We only have to look at PANTONE Color of the Year 2016 to confirm this trend –  the blending of two colours, Rose Quartz and Serenity (pictured below). Creating true calmness, if you’re looking to transform your space into a ‘mindful’ sanctuary, look no further.

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What are your interior design ideas and plans for 2016? Come and tell us on Facebook or Twitter. Or for more style tips and inspiration visit our website.