Using Pastels To Go With Your Flooring

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The gloomiest months of the year are nearly behind us and the sun is beginning to push through the clouds, so we thought it was time we looked ahead to the upcoming spring season for interiors inspiration. Pastel colours are no longer solely associated with nurseries – they bring tranquillity to any space and you can make them work alongside bold colours and contemporary furniture and accessories. These soothing shades will never go out of style, so read on for our decorating ideas and explore the ways you can feature pastels in your home.

Pictured above: L-R Coastal style interior from Pinterest & Van Gogh Birch

Pastel blue hues brighten any space and offer you a calming room to escape from the world. This breezy colour scheme will evoke the warm, soothing holiday home vibe, and against an otherwise white backdrop the blue is even more inviting. Our Van Gogh Birch is one option that would work well to complete a refreshing update like the above.

Art Select flooring in Basingstoke

Pictured above: Art Select Fiore and Otono with Diamond border

One of the great things about pastels is their versatility. Occasionally homeowners can shy away from these paler tones for fear they’re too soft or feminine, but we’re here to tell you they don’t have to be. A gentle green combined with this classic chequerboard pattern featuring Art Select Fiore and Otono reveals a sophisticated, elegant space that can be appreciated by anyone.


Davinci Tigerwood flooring basingstoke

Pictured above: L-R Kaleidoscope Apex KAL07
and Da Vinci Kenyan Tigerwood

Sugary sweet hues still look adorable for a child’s room, but powder pink can also look stylish in an adult or family space, especially paired with the eye-catching design of our Kaleidoscope Apex, cut from the rosy tones of Knight Tile Rose Washed Oak. As you can see, you can use pastels as accents or they can be the focal point of the room, it’s entirely up to you. They also mix well with bold patterns, so feel free to keep your favourite geometric or floral cushions to add some depth.


Knight Tile Flooring Basingstoke

Pictured above: Knight Tile Mid Limed Oak

To give your pastel overhaul a bit of an edge, you could add a darker floor like our Knight Tile Mid Limed Oak and create a balance between the two ends of the spectrum. For a long time, light blue and pink were only associated with boys’ and girls’ bedrooms, so it’s not the first colour combination you’d think of, but they actually work very well together. You could try other warm and cool colour combinations, such as yellow and blue, or dusty orange and muted grey with purple undertones, as pictured below.


Local flooring experts basingstoke

Pictured above: LooseLay Country Oak